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Learn how to play "THE" Game

TheRealCoachJB caters to athletes of all ages and experience levels with a wide variety of courses. Whether you are interested in working on a particular facet of your game or would like to improve your overall athletic performance, you’ve got many options to choose from. Check out my offerings and let me know what you’re interested in.

The Total Package

$2,500 for 18 weeks

My total package will include all of our offerings at a discounted rate if paid up-front. The total package is a great choice to not only improve your athletic performance, but more importantly enhance your mental capacity as well. Through a strategic mix of theoretical lessons and practical sessions, along with classroom discussions, film, and chalk-talks sessions, which include tutoring and test taking prep, you will become comfortable with your game both on and off the field. If you’re looking to elevate your game, The total package sessions with TheRealCoachJB are for you.

Intense Private Sessions


Join this class, where I’ll teach you the ins and outs of the game. I offer Intense Sessions year-round for clients of any age and experience level. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance, with measurable improvements during each session. See for yourself, why, Intense Sessions are always sold out.

Personal Training Sessions


This class offers a new and exciting approach to your sports training. I developed my Personal Training Sessions from drills and lessons used by some of the most elite athletes in the world. I know that practice makes perfect, but actually, "Perfect Practice makes Perfect"! So there is no perfect without me! So keep practicing with me. Schedule a class today. We will have in depth film study, chalk-talk, and 1-on-1 field sessions which will fine tune your game!

Scholar Baller Sessions


Become a Scholar Baller and improve your academics, learn how to take the SAT & ACT properly. We will offer Group Sessions with qualified instructors that will teach you what to look for on a test, that could be the difference between a Division I scholarship and going to JUCO. "Don't put your future in another man's hands" Learn it yourself, understand what it is going to take to get yourself to the next level!! If you’re looking to elevate your game, Tutoring Sessions with TheRealCoachJB are for you.

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